Planting our flag in Stockholm in 2017, we began laying the grounds for the second Ubisoft studio in Sweden. We began collaborating closely with of our sister studio Massive Entertainment, who provided us with the necessary support functions for our first building blocks. This became a springboard to accelerate our growth and become a part of a global loving and caring family of game developers.  

Sharing Ubisoft’s philosophy of creating amazing worlds, a brand-new studio meant a blank slate to build upon. This one-of-a-kind opportunity has rallied many industry veterans with a vision of finding smarter and more efficient ways of creating fun and amazing games. We believe this creative process is reflected in the quality of our games.  

As a global company, Ubisoft is a curious and innovative network of over 45 interconnected studios around the world. We believe that deliberate choices, easily understood design and the good relationships with the Ubisoft family will be our conduits for future success.


"My vision is to create a workplace where the best game developers in the world can come together in stimulating and creative surroundings, to build unique and amazing experiences, while pushing the industry forward."

Patrick Bach, Managing Director


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